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Old printer driver that crash Windows


Installing new printer can be quite a hassle. Everything seems perfect, except for XP, Since it now always crashes whenever you try to print or just keeps printing. Using this tweak, you can look for old drivers and non-connected hardware devices and delete them. The drivers of the old printer are the main cause of this misery, you will need to uninstall them to fix this problem, But this is easier said than done since Windows displays on ly the current drivers that are connected in the Device manager.

Windows displays device drivers from old printers in the device manager only when an environment variable is modified, To make obsolete drivers visible, press [ Win ] + [ Pause] to open the "System Properties", In the 'Advanced' tab click on 'Environment Variable', Click on 'New' under 'System Variables', in the 'Variable Name' field enter 'devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices' and enter the digit '1' as the 'Variable Value'. Click on 'OK' and restart the PC.

device manager

Now press [Win] +[Pause] again to bring up the System Properties' menu. Go to 'Hardware' and select 'Device Manager' Click 'View | Show Hidden Devices', which will allow you to view the old driver, Right-click on the it and select 'Uninstall', once you have uninstalled it, restart your PC

There is always a problem when installing new printer especially when installing a Multifunction Printer You can now print to your heart's content without worrying about Windows crashing anymore.

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