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The Importance of PageRank


The Importance of PageRank - PageRank is Google's algorithm for determining the ranking of webpages, It was formulated by Google founder sergey brin and Larry page and has been used ever since - in concert with a plethora of other calculation and corrections - as the juice behind Google. Put succinctly, the rank of a page is determined by the number of pages that point to it,


The PageRank algorithm rates pages on a scale from zero to ten, scoring everything from as-yet-unheard-of webpages to the likes of amazon, Google and yahoo, Despite its name, however, PageRank is more of score than a rank, Google doesn't have a single hierarchy of pages, and many pages share the same value.

In addition, a page's rank exist outside of any particular Google search, Put another way: Google ignores PageRank when its searching, using it instead to decide the order in which it displays the result of that search, so when you run a search, Google looks through its various indexes of keyword and phrases, and first build a list of results from pages that match your criteria, Then Google uses PageRank of each pages to help determine what order to offer them in.

You can find out your site's PageRank on the Google Toolbar, First make sure you've Got the PageRank display turned on , To do so open the toolbar option dialog box by clicking the option button and then the option tab, where you can find the PageRank display choice; to turn it on , you must have the advanced feature going, Then go to a page on your site and mouse over the PageRank bar to display a little box revealing the rank,

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