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The Truth About Replacement InkJet Cartridges


Yes, you’ve heard it from Epson, HP, Canon, and just about every big name computer ink manufacturers out there: replacement inks could damage your printers but is there truth to their claims or is this all just a big marketing ploy? I’ve been wondering the same thing myself until NMCNNIC has published their own thoughts about the matter. True, there are no scientific research about this and the only reason that ink manufacturers say that replacement inks can damage your printer is because they say that they “leak” and that they’re not the same formulation as theirs.

But an ink is an ink and if it does the job, then it’s fine by me. The consumer reports study that NMCNNIC cited says that the only thing replacement Printer cartridges can do is it might cost you more in the long run since some of them have half the amount of ink than on original ink cartridges but take note of the word “some”. So if I happen to come by a very high quality replacement ink that doesn’t leak and actually has the same amount of ink as the original, what argument do printer manufacturers and consumer reports have now?

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