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Recycling the control code of the validity check for further downloads


The windows Genuine advantage (WGA) check gets on your nerves since it blocks many downloads, You don't want to subject your legal copy of windows to a check for every minor issue and are therefore searching for an uncomplicated workaround,More often then not, it is enough to validate your system once, Windows receives a code in the process, which can be reused for further downloads. This even works on other computers if the conditions of the check are met, However, there is no guarantee as to how often and for how long the WGA code can be used. After some time, you might no longer be able to go without re-verification.

windows validation check

A valid WGA verification code can be used repeatedly for different downloads.

Start any download for which verification is needed in order to generate your own code. Open '' for instance and download the tool that is offered under the heading 'Purchase the network diagnostics for windows XP' in the dialog box for the WGA check, click 'Next' and subsequently select 'Alternative method for validity check' below, when you are doing this for the first time, you must click 'Next' to install and run the verification tool. Then note down the code that you receive, enter it, and click 'check'. In the future, just enter the code when starting a download. This simplifies work, for instance if you want to download and install the same tools or hot fixes on many computers.

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