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An easy way to convert SWF to SCR (ScreenSaver)


Converting your file format is the most common thing the users try to do when they acquire some sort of experience. The file conversion can be done for different conversion like securing personal data, to bring down the disk space involved, cover the things which others can not identify [open] and many more. Today we will discuss how to Convert your flash files into exe and scr.

Getting your swf to exe and swf to scr file conversion is pretty simple, you just need to compile your scr and exe file with swf maestro. it can convert your swf file to an executable application of .exe extension similarly you can also convert your swf file into a screensaver (.swf extension). The benefit with this software is that you can generate the exe's from your swf which also include blank or transparent backgrounds.

This software can also be used to generate "try before you buy" application program of your swf projects if you need to offer your flash projects for review. Swfmaestro can help you save your product it provide a clear judgment of your product and project to your clients. It supports various swf files and also allow files like video, audio, images, xml and many other file types. The result window is draggable and can be resize with ease and comfort of the user. you can download the trial versions on the homepage of Swfmaestro


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Linda said...
September 6, 2009 at 2:57 AM  

Good review and sounds interesting, but I look at the price list and see that there are different programs to convert into exe and into scr. What's the fun to buy two progs? I use Bytescout SWF to screensaver scout - it successfully performs both tasks.

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