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Ways to increase your SERP

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Some people are not actualy concerned with the Page rank and serp and just worry about thier web traffic and that is quite true if you are competing with some high competitive keywords

But yes there are ways to Increase your search engine rank position.

1. Meta tags should be used properly

2. Content must be unique and of high quality

3. No of Backlinks to your post pages with relevant blogs and sites

4. If your keywords have higher competition then there is a chances that it will take a long period to get higher ranking but if there is a less competition against any keyword then you can easily ranked high for your keywords.

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smith said...
December 17, 2009 at 11:41 AM  

Thanks for that useful tips. Increasing the page rank through these tips will help the site or blog to reach the top page of the search engine soon.
Thanks for sharing.

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