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Connecting Excel tables to word without display errors


Excel tables can be inserted in Word such that any changes made automatically appear in Word as well, This works well at least for small tables, but Word always cuts off bigger ones at the end of the first page. Since Word actually has problems presenting Excel tables as object, You cannot insert these through 'insert | object' in the document, First. select the desired area in Excel that has to be copied and copy it with [Ctrl] + [C] to the clipboard,

Microsoft excel error

Then open the word document, place the cursor in the position where the table should appear and select ' Edit | Paste ', In the following dialog of the same name, Select the option 'Inset Link' and the list 'As' enter 'Rich' Text format ( RTF ), After a mouse click on 'Ok', Word inserts the table correctly, running through several pages in the document, The table use formatting of a standard paragraph by default, making a few subsequent formatting changes necessary.

Note: If you place the cursor in the table in the Word document and activate the option to view field codes using the key combination [Alt] + [F9], you will see the actual reference ( link ) to the Excel table in the document.

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