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Mobile broadband : Future of Fixed line broadband


Old Dial up connections via fixed line phone have been changed with the newest Mobile broadband technology just like TFT screen have given new definition to Tv. Internet connection is accessible with a compact modem stick attached to the computer or laptop with USB port. 'Mobile broadband' has many good features . The main and the most important feature is the speed of the broadband. normally mobile broadband service has low speed than fixed line broadband.

mobile broadband

The topmost speed provided by mobile broadband, couple of months back was 3 Mbps now its increasing to whopping 7 mbps but on the other hand fixed line offers upto 8 Mbps. According to this mobile broadband news, the Facility is provided by service providers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange. All these providers charge fix rent which depends on the usage of the customer. If the user crosses the download limit of the package he or she has to bear extra charges in a fixed line broadband'

mobile broadband service

Service providers offers two types of packages. First is the monthly package which has a fixed monthly rental and fix time of usage and additional usage is charge accordingly. The second one is the plan which is for customers who use internet connection occasionally. users can choose any plan according to his or her needs. many internet service providers guarantee good connectivity at any area which is critical for working people who have to travel frequently, meetings, to get updates while out of office. For these class of users nonstop internet connectivity and download speed is the main thing. Some times internet service providers provides free modem with the internet mobile plans you choose, however one should take note of the total cost involved as a result of opting such plan.

At times laptop comes with modem allowing mobile broadband , in such case he/she needs a decent internet connection only and can spend on a other plans. In this manner it is Important to do a research before investing in any plans. This new way of internet broadband connection make accessibility convenient. He/she has to keep an eye open for the existing plans and opt for the one which best suits the budget.

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David said...
June 9, 2009 at 4:06 AM  

Unfortunately i dont even get 3 mbps connection

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