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Better Youtube - More options to deal with Youtube videos


The add-on "Better Youtube" equips firefox with useful functions for the video portal. It is available at To install it. Click "Add to firefox" or open the XPI file in the browser. In the setup dialog, click "install now" and restart firefox. The add-on is based on several Greasemonkey scripts which modify the Youtube website. After the installation, you must first customize the options Open " Tools | Add-ons" and click the icon for "Add-ons". Then select the entry "Better Youtube" in the list and click "Settings", Since all options can not be used simultaneously, activate either "Youtube Alternate Video Player" or "Youtube Theatre", the comfortable, more-or-less full screen mode, in addition to " Youtube Download ", Confirm dialog, You can change setting later in the same way


Downloading Youtube videos is easy, all you have to do now is click the blue link.

Watching videos on Youtube - great fun! Occasionally, you download a few of these. it is annoying however to look for a download link or the desired resolution,

The new functions require no menu or context commands, instead these are automatically visible on the websites, For example, Firefox shows the download link in a playing video on the right side below the number of times it has been viewed. The generated link uses the web service Flashload to download the desired file directly in MP4 format.

However, the theatre mode removes all control elements and additional info. Which are usually next to the playing video in Youtube, If you have changed the settings of the add-on, all you need to do is open the website again for these to take effect

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