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Smarter Way for making free labels and covers


I tried many freeware to create labels and covers for my mp3 and video collections (24 and Smallville infact I recently bought one paid software but result were all same, it was quite complex to use. I definitely didn't want to go to the same dead end and waste my time again. so i decided to give up ,Ronyasoft is another cd and dvd label software and Suffice to say it worked really well and I finally managed to use it with an ease though it has some limitations like you can't change the position of the image.


It is really a good software when it comes to making labels, covers for your mp3 and video collections, photo archives and backups. Not like many other paid softwares, most other media recording softwares are only associated to common file types. This software was able to do amd conversion and almost every file out there.

I am not a expert in graphics and printing business, i previously used to design labels using nero cover designer , but that whole process was quite tedious and now with this cool program you just need to printout the design on a paper then takeout the printed part and you are done ! But That’s not lazy - it’s smart.......... Looking for cd cover maker?

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