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Free rapidshare download website | rapidshare info

RapidPremium offers the same as Rapidgrab . They both don't cheat Rapidshare, Infact it use its own premium accounts to download the files on your behalf, they act as middle party. Its fair easy. first you have to download file in the front page that contains the password. About of the login info, the file might look suspicious as the zip file should not go beyond 1kB. Why it is bloate up to 1.3 mb ? Rest assured, there is no trojan or spyware inside the zip file.


File owner, free or premium, are given certain points when their files are downloaded but the file should be greater than 1MB. By gaining enough points, you can change the points to extend premium account or create more premium account. So, I think the Rapid Premium is smart in prolonging the longetivity of this website. Ok enough with the explanation.

Unzip that file and get the account information before you can access the protected directory. then you have to just copy and paste rapidshare link and there you are all done. The rest is pretty easy and self-explanatory. The rapidshare file will be first downloaded to the Rapid Premium server before you download that file from the server. The download speed from RapidPremium server to my computer is quite slow or may be they are working on it, i can not tell for sure though whether it is originating from RapidPremium server or mine since I'm just switching to wireless router which might cause the problem. Anyway, this is a free service, so I don't expect to download at lightning speed.

Rapidshare free download


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