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Avira free downloads | Trial Avira for free


Avira provides large range of products that include software solution and IT security service for network protection to various size of companies and also for individual home users. Currently, Avira is giving Ninty days of genuine license key for two of their products, Avira Antivirus Premium and Premium Security Suite.Its a great protection against malicious software arguably a security suites most important task. But it does not do much else.

Avira Premium Security Suite

Avira Premium Security Suite firewall did not completely protect our Vista test PC, for example and it lacks some essential features like Web anti phishing and parental controls.

How to get genuine license key

1. Visit the promotional page.

2. Fill the forms and click on the “Request License Now” button.

3. Look your inbox for an email from Avira. also you can simply hit "License Overview" button to get the license key and to download the software.

4. Download both license key (HBEDV.KEY) and Avira AntiVir Premiumto your computer.

5. Start the installation process. During installation, you will be prompted to import the HBEDV.KEY license key to validate your Avira Premium Security Suite.

Avira Antivir Premium

Avira AntiVirus Premium provides the comprehensive protection of the Avira AntiVirus Personal - Free Antivirus with important security and configuration features and protect you against viruses, worms, Trojans, ad/spyware, dialers, bots and dangerous ''drive-by'' downloads.

How to get genuine license key

1. Visit the promotional page.

2. Just follow procedure given for Avira Premium Security Suite and you will be able to install and validate your Avira Antivirus Premium.


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