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Use zagg invisible shield to protect your iphone

Contents: invisible shield (scratch guard) on the front and back. It also covers side part of the phone, One spray bottle for applying to scratch guard while putting it on phone. One rubber piece for making it easy to remove air bubble that form while application.

So i got this thing for 20$ from USA. Standard shipping took 3 weeks to deliver it to my home. It boasts of some military grade material and lifetime guarantee. I have seen some good videos abt the product on their site. Now that i got my iphone today i wanted to apply it on my iphone (PS: I actually got the invisible shield for ipod touch and used it for iphone but still the measurements are quite ok).

I have seen videos and read text instructions on how to apply it on to iphone (its available on their site). Even after following instructions very properly it was really difficult to apply it on phone. It wasnt easy at all. The worst part is that the invisible shield itself is getting smudge marks!!! how ironic is that :(

Conclusion: Its totally applied on my iphone now and i feel it isnt worth the money at all. So guys dont be foolish like me and go for such high priced products thinking that it will be awesome.

Rating: 2/5 for now

Price: 25$

Price after discount: 20$

Discount coupons are available online in sites like macrumors.

Shipping price: 0$ (standard shipping)

Link for product:

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