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Google gadgets exploited by hackers

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Now adding doodads of different varities can be risky, it gives hackers an open door to exploit web browser.

a person unknowingly download programs like calendars or daily photo from any particular website where a hacker has implanted a malicious google program onto thier homepage, so in that way he can trace all the history of the victim web browser.

"It's not that Google is designing insecure programs"

The issue is that users building their own customized applications, and distributing them through Google, might have evil intentions and try to exploit those programs once they're installed on users' pages. Many users are inclined to inherently trust what they download from Google

so one has to be sure that what ever he is downoading from the net should be properly scanned and remember

Nothing is secured over internet "On the other hand Google said"

Gadgets are created by developers from around the world and "provide a convenient way for users to view information collected from around the Web in one place."

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