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Chat in your Native Language

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Google talk now let you chat in your native language (Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu and vice versa), Its a new transliteration bots that made this Conversion possible. It converts what ever you type in english to you native language with the help of local script If for example you type " Kya khayaal hai aapka?" , Google bot will then convert it to hindi with the given script Currently There are 5 transliteration bots *Hindi (en2hi.translit), *Kannada (en2kn.translit), *Malayalam (en2ml.translit), *Tamil (en2ta.translit) and *Telugu (en2te.translit) To use one of these bots follow these three steps: 1) First add the bot that you want to your friend's list. (For example, add for Hindi). You just need to do this once. 2) Start a chat session with your friend 3) Convert the chat session to a group chat and invite the bot to it.

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