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Now, A Search Engine to Find Yourself In The Web


A new search engine focused on people can automatically identify online information on individuals and weave it into detailed summaries Just like Google and Yahoo, ZoomInfo crawls and indexes the web. But instead of serving up the pages in response to a query, it attempts to identify and extract specific information on people. After entering a name into the search box, a user is presented with a list of matching individuals. Clicking through to their resume-like summaries, can reveal their job title, company name, past jobs and universities attended. The site will be particularly useful to head-hunters, recruiters, journalists and networkers. In future it may serve up paid advertising as well as query responses but right now its purpose is to find more subscribers for the company’s premium search, which charges recruiters $1000 a month. Existing people-finding search tools such as Yahoo! People Search and Intelius are indexed manually but automating the process means that a lot more information can be searched and presented to the users. Privacy experts have criticised the technology for aggregating information about people without their consent. But the information collected only relates to employment and education and is freely available online to a determined searcher anyway.

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