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Electronic heist - An Insight View


Almost everything connected to the Internet is not secure, You could be another victim of electronic heist Banks claims that there network security is fullproof, In most cases The electonic heist is carried out, Beacouse of carelessnes or an outsider persistence in trying different password and account numbers. "Most banks run Unix Web servers or Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server), and both are prone to remote attacks that can allow a hacker to take control of the server itself," said David Ahmad, the moderator of the Bugtraq mailing list, one of the leading email lists dedicated to reports of software vulnerabilities" Said Guyer An online special investigator from U.S Here’s how it’s done: The hacker connects to Wi-Fi network you are connected to. He starts a series of utilities to redirect other user’s data through his system. He use number of other softwares to capture the data, act as an SSL Certificate Server and to be the Man-the-Middle.

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