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Don't use outlook express


I know, it's convenient, and you already know how to use it, but think about this. Outlook Express is the default email client for every windows version since 98. How many Millions of people do you think are using the default email client? Right. Now if you were writing a computer virus that you wanted to spread rapidly through the Internet by emailing itself, what e-mail client would you write it for? Exactly. If you want to see for yourself, go to and type 'outlook express' in the search field. There are many alternative email clients available, some of them free. Try for starters.

Don't open file attachments unless you are sure of the source
Email file attachments are one of the most common vectors for computer viruses. Modern antivirus software will scan incoming email as a matter of course, but you still have the possibility of a new virus that has yet to be added to the list of scanned-for viruses.

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